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Realms.World L3 Network

Realms L3 exists to enable the ambitious Realms Autonomous World. It is a collaboration between Bibliotheca DAO and Cartridge, designed and built around the dojo stack. This stack has been optimized for high-performance onchain gaming, allowing Realms L3 to support the demanding requirements of the autonomous world.

What is the Realms World L3?

Realms.World L3 stands as a high-performance zkVM network, specifically engineered to support high-performance onchain gaming. The network operates as a Starknet sequencer, ensuring that any Starknet contract can seamlessly run on the network. Sitting atop the public Starknet L2, it rolls-up its state onto Starknet.

This allows for low transactions fees, high performance and high security guarantees.

The entire stack is opensource and welcomes contributions. Find out more here dojo

The Network's Purpose

The Realms L3 exists for the Realms.World ecosystem of games, however it is a permissionless network that anyone can deploy contracts onto.

The Network Architecture

Realms L3 is a Katana sequencer network, that settles its state to the Public Starknet. The following chart shows the network architecture. More details around the 'Dungeon' part of the world will come soon.



It is worth touching on the security of the network. Realms L3 is a StarkNet VM. We verify the integrity of the network by submitting proofs to StarkNet L2. Since we can verify the network state of StarkNet, we can inherit significantly higher security guarantees compared to those of an optimistic rollup. The following chart shows the security model of the network.


The Network Status

Realms L3 is currently in a testnet phase, with a mainnet launch planned for Q3 2024.

Read the full paper here.